Problems with clogged DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)? We have a solution for you!

Giran Corporation cleans clogged DPFs, repairs and sells new ones for any US truck.
To clean your DPF we accept almost any model, any size DPF, including trucks, buses and cars. Our systems out-perform every other DPF cleaning system on the market. EvacuBlast’s Dual Force is the only system on the market to force extreme volume air pressure into each cell of the filter and extreme suction underneath the DPF at the same time assuring a maximum cleaning effect on each cell. It is a manually assisted system that more importantly has the ability to focus on each cell or problem area in the DPF.

The cleaning process takes 30 minutes and is required when the DPF has gone through a normal recommended service cycle and needs routine cleaning. The DPF can normally be cleaned using the EvacuBlast three times before regeneration (baking) is necessary, although most users try to bake every filter they clean. Regeneration (baking) a DPF using a specific heating cycle will allow the DPF to completely burn carbon and soot. Once operating the automated systems we were convinced that they only get the diesel particulate filters “partially” cleaned since there is no convenient way to work on specific areas of the DPF (every DPF has a problem area, or a specific area that accumulates more soot than another area). Removal of the soot from the DPF is the key (not just blowing in one direction (top or bottom) into the DPF). Unlike automated systems there will be no serious technical failures that could cause a customer or your trucks to be waiting due to your system being down.



NEW DPFs, DPF parts and repair services available.

before and after iamgesCall at 630.781.1608 to schedule your filter cleaning appointment, inquire about our DPF cleaning service or purchase a new filter if needed.


New DPFs and Parts

Giran Corporation recently became an authorized distributor of DPFs for DuraFit. Now we can extend our discounts to our customers and save a lot of money on parts and new filters. We can easily say that we have the best prices for DPFs in Chicagoland.

DuraFit diesel particulate filters (DPFs) combine strengthened designs with advanced materials – providing durability to dramatically extend service life over OEM units.

– High-grade stainless steel canisters improve durability and resist corrosion
– Advanced filter coatings and substrates ensure effective regeneration
– Tested to reduce backpressure and enhance performance
– Improved thermal stability and Efficiency
– Backed by a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty

We are offering replacement DPFs for:
Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Hino, International, Isuzu, Mercedes, Navistar/MaxxForce, Volvo/Mack